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4 months ago
Axons Ban Appeal #2

The unconfirmed fact that you killed the user in a chunk that wasn't claimed is small detail that does not deserve to be argued against. The point of the pacifist Kingdom rules is to ensure that pacifist Kingdom players have a safe space to play on the server, and the fact that you assisted and helped others kill a pacifist player multiple times anywhere close to their territory is in itself bannable.

However, seeing as Depth has vouched for you, and hoping that I can trust you on your answer to the last question, I have reduced your ban time by 12 hours.

4 months ago
Pacifist Kingdom ban- depth

Your ban time has been reduced by 12 hours. While the reasoning behind killing the members of the pacifist Kingdom were unjustified, it seems that you did not have any malicious intentions towards their emotions. However, keep in mind that they were still hurt, and you still violated server rules.

4 months ago
Axons Ban Appeal.

Your ban appeal has been rejected. You clearly knew that you were exploiting a set of armor nobody on the server should have. Additionally, through the wording and missing questions there was obviously no effort placed into the writing of this ban appeal.

You do not seem to understand or regret the implications of your actions on the server.

EDIT: Thread will be locked in 24 hours.

10 months ago
On farming, The inquisition of spruce.

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I will see what I can do with this.

12 months ago

Precision cutting will be fixed soon. Buying entropy for Mokens is currently not possible to add, sorry.

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