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6 months ago
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

So people have been asking me a lot of questions recently, and since many of them are redundant, here is a list and their answers.

Q: How do I make spawners?

A: Use /recipes to check spawner crafting recipes. You'll notice that most spawners require spawn eggs to craft. Spawn eggs have a 0.5% chance (increased with Looting enchantment) to drop from naturally spawned mobs, and also appear in crates and wandering traders.


Q: What are the tax equations?

A: If you want to know the exact value of hourly taxes on the server, here they are:

Kingdom Server Tax: %member amount% + (%lands% * (2 + %pacifist factor%)), where %lands% is the amount of land your Kingdom has, and %pacifist factor% equals 1 if your Kingdom is pacifist and 0 if not. You don't have to pay Kingdom Server Tax if you are in a nation.

Note that if your Kingdom has less than 100 might (check with /k info), you do not have to pay tax.

Nation Server Tax: %nation kingdoms% * 20 + 50

Custom Equations: Use %money% as a placeholder for your member's balance. For example, if you want to tax 5% of your player's balances every hour, your equation would be %money% * 0.05


Q: How is Kingdom land and might calculated?

A: Here are the exact equations calculating the amount of land you can have based on your "max claims" upgrade and Kingdom and Nation might.

Max Lands: (%member amount% + %nation kingdoms%) * (%max claims upgrade% * 2 + 5), where %nation kingdoms% is the amount of Kingdoms in your nation if you are in one, or 0 if you aren't, and %max claims upgrade% is the level of the "max claims" nexus upgrade.

Kingdom Might: %bank amount% + %resource points% + (%lands% ^ 2)

Nation Might: (%nation bank amount% + %nation resource points%) * %nation kingdoms%


Q: How do I set a custom Dynmap flag for my Kingdom?

A: Just use any raw image url (not a banner url!), for example


Q: How do I set RGB colors for my nickname?

A: First, you must be DIVINE rank. Next, you want to use the code like a normal color code, replacing the "XXXXXX" with a hex color code of your choice. Google that if you don't know what it is.

Players also have issues with the error "your nickname must be alphanumeric" sometimes. This means that you may have a non-color code symbol somewhere in your nickname, you have a space in your nickname, or one of your hex codes is incorrect.


Q: How much experience do achievements give?

A: It varies for every achievement, but generally Common - 1k, Uncommon 8k, Rare - 45k, Epic - 200k, Legendary - 1M, Mythic - 15M (There is currently only 1 mythic achievement. This value will be lowered if more get added.)


Thanks for reading. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me through Discord.

11 months ago
Axons Ban Appeal #2

The unconfirmed fact that you killed the user in a chunk that wasn't claimed is small detail that does not deserve to be argued against. The point of the pacifist Kingdom rules is to ensure that pacifist Kingdom players have a safe space to play on the server, and the fact that you assisted and helped others kill a pacifist player multiple times anywhere close to their territory is in itself bannable.

However, seeing as Depth has vouched for you, and hoping that I can trust you on your answer to the last question, I have reduced your ban time by 12 hours.

11 months ago
Pacifist Kingdom ban- depth

Your ban time has been reduced by 12 hours. While the reasoning behind killing the members of the pacifist Kingdom were unjustified, it seems that you did not have any malicious intentions towards their emotions. However, keep in mind that they were still hurt, and you still violated server rules.

11 months ago
Axons Ban Appeal.

Your ban appeal has been rejected. You clearly knew that you were exploiting a set of armor nobody on the server should have. Additionally, through the wording and missing questions there was obviously no effort placed into the writing of this ban appeal.

You do not seem to understand or regret the implications of your actions on the server.

EDIT: Thread will be locked in 24 hours.

about 1 year ago
On farming, The inquisition of spruce.

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I will see what I can do with this.

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