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7 days ago
New Pages

Hello again!

- Added Vote page which lists all voting sites. In the future, doing /vote ingame will redirect you here.

- Added Apply for Staff page which redirects you to the staff application.

- Added Store page which redirects you to


9 days ago
Making the server better and my opinions.

Hi! Thanks for all the suggestions!

Playerdata is wiped when 90 days old, not 30. This change was implemented a while ago.

Leveling and money: Our shop is like a progression system as well. Most money should be made from spawners. I would suggest making automatic passive mob farms first as those cost the least amount of money. Then, you can move on to hostile mobs like zombies, creepers, zombie pigmen and eventually vindicators. Vindicators can still make you a large amount of money.

Envoy: I've noticed that envoys are becoming more popular now. The wait times should be reduced soon :D

Shop: These items are purposefully not included in the shop. This promotes selling additional items through the playershop.

Spawners: The problem before the economy nerf was that iron golem spawners allowed for exponential growth of money while completely afk. I don't hate Vindicator spawners, their price was increased because emeralds sold for a lot.

Tutorial: The command blocks play to all players in a radius.

Races: The races plays together with Kingdoms, in which you should cooperate with different players, each using a different race. If you don't have friends to play with, it's not my problem.

Vote crates: I will consider buffing these.

Again, thanks for all the suggestions. I appreciate it a lot and I will try to fix as many of these things as possible.

10 days ago
New: Labels and Rank colors

Hello all! I've been working hard on improving the website. Here's an update!

- Labels are here! Currently these only exist for bug reports and ban appeals, but they will be added soon to other forums like this one.

- Rank badges now correspond exactly to name color.

- Username color for Unconfirmed Member and Member have been switched. It's beautiful now.

Enjoy! Expect more soon.

10 days ago
Warrior Stance Not Working

Thanks for reporting. This has probably been fixed, please give it a try.

13 days ago
Missing rank


I will give your rank back. The KING rank months ago now corresponds to the ROYAL rank.

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