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New Pages Website

Hello again!

- Added Vote page which lists all voting sites. In the future, doing /vote ingame will redirect you here.

- Added Apply for Staff page which redirects you to the staff application.

- Added Store page which redirects you to


New: Labels and Rank colors Website

Hello all! I've been working hard on improving the website. Here's an update!

- Labels are here! Currently these only exist for bug reports and ban appeals, but they will be added soon to other forums like this one.

- Rank badges now correspond exactly to name color.

- Username color for Unconfirmed Member and Member have been switched. It's beautiful now.

Enjoy! Expect more soon.

The website has been released!

Hello all!

In the past few days, I have been working hard on improving our website. And here it is!

Currently, we have forums for bugs, suggestions, general posts, and announcemen...

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