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over 2 years ago
Axons Ban Appeal #2

Axons was only their upon my requet in the begining he trying to help me out and didnt know what i was doing. Please consider this in his appeal. Thank you

over 2 years ago
Pacifist Kingdom ban- depth

IGN: DepthSh0t

Date of ban: Tuesday, march 31 2020

Banned by: M310N

Ban reason: I was banned because of evidence of killing members of a pasifist kingdom multiple times.

Why should we unban you? Certain items in game that i hold value to were stolen. i offerd many solutions to how this can be fixed. i ended up killing meembers of the kingdom because i was lookin for it. I found it in the Inventory of someone that was at the kingdom. Once i had found my items that were missing i apologized and attempted to fix the situation, I then procedded to give armor ETC to members of the kingdom espically the leader. This was rejected. It also turned out that the kingdoms own members insided and then began to spawn kill her. that that point i was trying to get armor back from this dude for people in her kingdom  and after a while some other people were doing stuff. I can only account for my actions independantly

What will you do differently next time? Next time I wont get into this situation and i will breif myself on the rules. It wasnt my intentions to raid/attack or kill a pacifist kingdom nor did i know that was banable..  Ive been playing for a while and upon further review i think i should get a second chance


Thank you, 


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