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So what the heck is Kingdoms?
Started by M310N



06 Jul 2019

By now, you've probably noticed that we're a Kingdoms server. Frankly, Kingdoms is a pretty complex plugin and it'll take some time to get used to it. Lets gets started.


Starting a Kingdom

To start, you'll want to use /k create to make your own Kingdom. This command is free. Free I tell you! Amazing! Then, you can use /k lore to add a short description. Maybe you're the best. Or worst.

Next, you'll want to find a nice patch of land and use /k claim to claim your first chunk. Your claims don't have to be next to each other (imperialism for the win)! Your Kingdom home will automatically be set to this location, and you can use /k home to teleport back at any time. If you ever want to change your home, just use /k sethome in a new location inside your claim.

Now comes the most important step of all - your nexus. Use /k nexus to place it down. Your nexus is where all your Kingdom is managed from. You can upgrade your Kingdom, get more members and claims, set taxes, manage relations, attributes, and more in this single block. Protect it well. Use the same command to move your nexus again.


Resource Points and Money

You've probably noticed that all the Kingdom upgrades requires a certain currency called Resource Points. You get these by trading items in the resource point converter in the nexus (it's the hay bale on the bottom left). Use /k tradable to see which items are worth the most resource points. All other items get you 0.2 resource points, which means every 5 items gets you 1 resource point.

The server will also collect taxes once every hour. New Kingdoms are immune to this for a few days, but you should use /k bank to give it some money just in case. /k info can be used to check on how much tax you have to pay, in addition to other useful information.

If you don't want to keep depositing money into the bank every so often, you can make your Kingdom members automatically pay taxes directly to the bank every hour. Go to your Nexus > Settings > Tax to set a tax for your members.


Relations, Pacifism, and Invading

Now you might want to get aquainted with other Kingdoms. Some may be nice, others not so much. If you're more of the "please don't hurt me :,)" type of person, or just want to have a good time, you might want to set your Kingdom to pacifist. Head into the Nexus > Settings and toggle it on. Be warned that we have strict rules against abusing pacifism - use /rules to learn more.

After you've established relations with other Kingdoms using /k ally, /k truce, /k neutral, or /k enemy, you can manage what they can or cannot do in your Nexus > Settings > Relations.

If you hate your enemies that much, you can use /k invade to take over their land. You'll have to defeat their champion first, though. The champion is just a really cracked zombie. You can upgrade yours too, in Nexus > Champion Upgrades. 


It's really quite simple, isn't it?


Ok I'm not going to be like a redstone youtuber. But take some time to learn, and you might find yourself really enjoying it. Thanks for reading.

M310N · over 2 years ago · Last edited: over 2 years ago